Please please do not get lost…

The forgotten medium of communication; and us, letter writers, a dying breed. I started posting letters as soon as I learnt to write. I used to mail back and forth with one of my cousins. It always makes me smile when I dig in my only box of memories those letters from 25 years ago.

To me, there is no other form of communication that generates as much excitement and surprise than digging up a hand written letter from a pile of debts and bills. Or the notice that a package has arrived for you.

And in some countries postal services are just sufficient to say the least. You spend too long in queues as there is only one teller open (even though there is 5 windows) and pay to pray that whatever it is you send gets to its intended destination.


The feeling and knowing that for someone, somewhere, you are so important that you deserve their time and dedication. That you are so significant to them that they are giving you the most precious gift even at a distance: their time. The time to write you a letter, to carefully organise their thoughts to put their heart in a piece of paper, or in a box; just because you are deserving of the full dedication and undivided attention writing you a letter deserves. It is in that moment, when you see the letter or read the notice, when you know you are truly loved.

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