Bonus benefit…

The added benefit of having the running hobby (or habit or bug or passion or whatever you want to call it) is that if you run in and through the city, you get to know it. This is part if my run today. An 8 kms circuit that goes around all the Marina Bay area. It is an amazing run. The only trouble is getting to and from because well there is cars and traffic lights hence constant stopping. Oh and because it is over 30 degrees I end up sweating like a pig…



    1. I believe you have to be of some sort of status or class… Maybe for country club people wouldn’t be so hard, but all those other “mortals”… I am not so sure. But you are right, surely a pic of the day waiting to happen… The question is when will that be…

      1. Can these country club people bring guests? Servants, lackeys or some such? Or maybe meet a member of the working class at the top of the tower performing some sort of duty? Hmmm A disguise!!!

      2. Where people meet no one can ever control… not even country club people… The question then comes as to how these people meet…

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