Better late than never…

This is not the traditional PicOfTheDay post. Is one of an experiment and as such it should be given feedback. This in no means substitutes the PicOfTheDay that will shortly follow. 

As usual, during my run tonight I came up with dozens of ideas. One I decided I liked the thought of trialling it. I know it is a bit late after my trip to Costa Rica, but here are 10 random things I learnt (or realised or refreshed my memory) about CR whilst there. They are in no particular order.

1. Perezosos or Sloths are originally from Costa Rica. They are so slow (and lazy) that they only poop once a week.

2. Colones are the official currency. But the US dollar is just as common and accepted.

3. There is NO military in Costa Rica.

4. Being a smoker in CR must (pardon my language) suck. Although is legal and sold in most places, it is forbidden to smoke in soooo many areas, just the thought of the effort required to have a cigarette would make me quit!

5. Costa Rican people are called Ticos. 

6. It is truly admirable the environmental sustainability and conservation efforts Costa Rica is doing. It should be copied by all nations. It is by far the greenest country I have ever seen and I understand that is the only country in the world where the forests size actually increases each year.

7. Gallo pinto is the Costa Rican version of “moros con cristianos”. Not to be confused with ‘Rice and Beans’. Gallo pinto is Rice, beans and spices; whereas ‘Rice and Beans’ is rice and beans cooked in/with coconut milk.

8.  Diving is better in the Pacific. By far. Although, in the Pacific there is no night diving so if you are into that, the Caribbean is a pretty good alternative.

9. Speaking of the Caribbean, it is still virgin with no american big hotels, big chains euphoria. It is a chilled, relaxed and really natural atmosphere.

10. There are 6 active volcanoes and 61 dormant (ok I admit it, I didn’t know about the dormant ones I googled it). But I did about the active ones as I saw three or four (it might have been 5) of them.

So that is it. Stay tuned for the following edition of 10 random facts/things/funny stories/anecdotes I learn in my travels.


  1. 10 things? Thats pretty impressive! And so many new things to have learnt. But it’s a big stretch each time. I think the idea of 3 at a time would be awesome. Sometimes lots of little steps are more rewarding than a big step all in one go!

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