What makes Singapore famous…

In terms of street food, Singapore is high up there in the list. People come from all over the world jus to eat it in the ‘Hawker centers’. In these places, dozens of people earn their living by selling food in the dozens of stalls. Traditional ‘Hawker centers’ are owned by the government, hence located near big transportation or housing hubs. The trouble then is for the traveler (or local) to distinguish between the bad, good and excellent. Unless, like me, you have a foodie friend who is serious about where he spends his daily calorie intake.

Food in Hawker Centers varies enormously. I have had sting ray, chicken wings, dumplins and today, Fruit Juice Mee Siang. A soup that its base is of fruit juice (secret ingredient) and added noodles, sea food, crayfish, chicken, egg, chili sauce. Deliciousness.

Just for those who want to try it, it is in Hong Nim Hawker Center.

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