Anatomy of a Taco

I am always hesitant of having Mexican food on this side of the world. I inevitably am disappointed of having to pay almost four times as much money for a tenth of the flavor and none of the authenticity. But the blood calls and once in a while I waver and end up in random places with their own definition of typical “Mexican” food…



  1. 3 questions come to mind. And questions are important. Thats how we learn. So, was it a disappointment? And will I ever see the correct ratio drawn to explain to me what the perfect taco is? Or will I just have to travel to Mexico to “experience” it?

    1. 1. Disappointment – I didn’t take the risk so did not order it 🙂
      2. Hmmm… maybe… but that is a question for the experts… makers not eaters.
      3. That would be a good approach to solving question 2.

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