Perfect Singaporean snack

On the back entrance to Prudential tower there is a food court. In its entrance there is a couple that sells curry puffs. I don’t remember ever eating them before. Curry puffs are a perfect snack – and I have already established the importance of snacks. They are small pastry traditionally stuffed with a curry made of potatoes and chicken. In some places they have them stuffed with other things like sardines. Its version from the other side of the world is empanadas.

A short story:
When I got here colleagues encouraged me to try the curry puffs downstairs. “The best are the chicken ones and sardine are no good” they said. So I tried the chicken curry puffs and they were meh. One day though, desperate for a snack and as I do I thought I would try the sardine curry puff. Hooked for the rest of my time in Singapore. Now I am a regular and the old man my friend. But I have to go early because by 1pm all is gone. And snacks are most important.



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