A little adventure

I had planned for going diving tomorrow. I wanted to dive the ex-HMAS wreck. This morning I got a call saying that the dive site was actually in Mooloolaba (Australian names for places are a conversation for another time). I am not quite sure why I foolishly thought the dive store was in Brisbane and for some random reason just around my apartment. So I hurriedly organised myself because I had already decided I was diving this wreck tomorrow. I made use for the first time in Brisbane of the very efficient train system.

Maybe more on this little adventure will come in tomorrow’s post.

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  1. Facts are important.
    Mooloolaba derives from the Aboriginal word mulu, meaning snapper fish, or mulla meaning Red-bellied Black Snake.
    Bet there are places even in Mexico where they have strange names. Like “city of the rabbit”! or some such thing. But is that native or spanish?

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