Little buns in a basket

“Soup dumplings” or Xiao Long Bao are small chinese pockets of deliciousness for your mouth. With a small pork meatball, wrapped in a dumpling shell with a broth within. Best eaten hot and recently steamed from a hacker stall on a hot afternoon with a cold beer. With the appropriate side of vinegar and fresh ginger. Beware to not be too anxious or the soup within will scald your tongue. 
Some fascinating and/or random facts about Xiao Long Bao:

  • Although they are called dumplings they are actually buns.
  • The literal meaning of their name is “little basket buns”.
  • The dish comes from Nanxiang, a suburb in Shanghai. 
  • This is a dish which can be pre-made and thus be a popular dish for a hawker centre. How do they keep the soup without it altering the bun? Well the meatball is combined with a gelatin aspic which melts when steamed. 

Xiao Long Bao are a great snack. And snacks are most important. 


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