Gansos in my coffee?!

A good cup of coffee is as good as warm hugs. It is the greatest beginning for new day ahead (again, comparable to warm hugs), or as an encouragement to plow through a hard day.  Of course there is the eternal fight if Melbourne or Sydney’s coffee is best. I really don’t know and could care less. Though they say that Victoria is the most addicted to coffee state here down-under downing an average 808 cups a year and forking out $1674 annually at cafes.

Regardless of numbers, nowadays coffee shops south of the border specialize in latte art which is a difficult task in itself and requires skill to mix crema (the foam of the coffee) and the foam of milk. Some say it influences the taste, but unless you do a blind fold experiment you will never know the answer. 

With or without art, a good cup of coffee can only ever lose to a warm tight hug to start a day.  


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