Crossing the Yarra

The Sandridge Bridge, which used to be part of the first Australian railway, was built in 1888 and is now part of an $18.5 million development. The project included the Queensbridge precint, a plaza on the south bank and a youth precinct on the north bank of the Yarra. The project finished in 200) and was funded by the government.

Part of the development are The Travellers, a series of 10 giant (7.5 meters tall) steel sculptures across the Yarra, representing the different periods of immigration who have journeyed to make Melbourne their home. Nine of the ten sculptures represent the immigration that ranges from the convict and gold rush periods through to the refugee and professional newcomers of today; the last sculpture represents Australian Aboriginal communities. Although, the heaviest figure is 7701kg, the average weight is more like 2307.

With so many pedestrian bridges around my Victorian home, I hardly walk these 178.4 meters. But this particular morning I did, and this is the view from the old railway path.


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