Cycling around la Dordogne

I almost regretted not taking the electric motor the monsieur offered us when hiring bikes in La Dordogne. Mostly flat but staying in a steep hill meant that I didn’t quite finish the bike ride. But cycling along the Dordogne river in the southwest of France was definitely a great way to spend a Friday morning and early afternoon.  The word “Dordogne” has two different meanings:

1. It is a long river, a tributary of the Gironde – In the oldest sense of the word

2. The French department (county), the “Département de la Dordogne”, surrounding a long stretch of the lower Dordogne between hills and plain.

The heart of the county is known as “le Périgord noir”, where we explored, and is the classic Dordogne, with its limestone cliffs, castles and rock-sculpted picturesque villages. It is also known for its world-famous caves with their stalagmites and stalactites, and in several cases prehistoric artwork. 

Next time in this part of France, go to the country and rent a bike, go to the local market and get supplies, even try the exotic local cuisine of escargots and enjoy this protected bio reserve (declared so in 2012). Or maybe a holiday to look forward touring the villages of France by bike…

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