Another castle?!

A castle dating from the 12th century and a mission to get to – especially in heels. Chateau Beynac sits on top of a cliff some 200 meters above the Dordogne river. An opportunity to explore a proper castle and imagine life in it. So much that numerous movies have been filmed in it, including Jean D’Arc. 

When it comes to castles I need little encouragement to set my imagination free. I see the stable from the 17th century and I can hear the horses coming in and being dismounted by riders from afar; some of them continue riding to the guards room where on winter days probably got covered in mud and water. I guess when thinking of latrines I dont let my imagination fly too far. But as soon as we explore the higher floors through the rooms in the towers and where views of the city and Dordogne river below flows, I can imagine a life a few hundred years ago and a forbidden love between a princess and a peasant. Sneaking glances and kisses in forbidden rooms and under the judging eye of the town…

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