A tale of evil deeds

The Shaniwar Wada is a fort built in 1730 and destroyed in 1828 due to a fire that lasted 7 days. Only the walls and gates remain. An attraction that draws the attention of tourists and locals (some posing for marriage sites) alike for its history, or perhaps for the legend about it. 

It is said that a young maharaja was killed and haunts the fort until now. His uncle, imprisoned as he sought to claim the throne for himself, seeked help from a tribe of hired swords to capture his nephew. However the wife of such uncle changed the message from “capture” to “kill” condeming the destiny to the young prince to being chopped into pieces so small that the tale says he had to be taken away in small pots.

To this day on moonlit nights his ghost is said to still be heard to shout – “Uncle! Save me!!” 

In such a sinister place, people pose to have their pictures taken to upload on their marriage sites profiles. 

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