Snacks in India 

Vada Pav, wada pav, vada paav, wada pao or vada pao once upon a time a “poor man’s food”, now is one of the most popular street food from Maharashtra.

It is said that Ashok Vaidya used to sell poha and vadas – golden-fried spiced batata (potato) vada – outside Dadar station in Mumbai, while the neighboring stall sold pav (a square bun). One day, Mr. Vaidya decided to put the vada between the pav and add some garlic masala for flavour. The combination was a hit and the vada pav was born. Mr. Vaidya, the vada pav pioneer, died in 1998.Being one of the most popular snacks in India it is not surprising that it even has a day: Vada pav day is on the 23 of August. (What happened to the pav seller is unknown!)

This working experience means that often we stay late, in such nights the office offers some snacks. Some of us lucky to have one, some of us not so much. They go quick!


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