A colourful beverage

Some of us brought coffee, some its equivalent. All what is necessary to make the life here in India feel a bit closer to that at home. 

Chimarrão or Yerba Mate comes from the leaves of the holly tree. It is the equivalent of coffee or tea in South America and the caffeine contents are also there in between. It is said that it has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage but that it is the most balanced of the lot, having both energy and nutrition. It is also believed to have rejuvenative and healing effects.

In southern Brazil Chimarrão is consumed 6 times to 1 over coffee. Like high quality coffee, high quality mate is grown in shade in order to deliver more flavor and to have more medicinal and nutritional characteristics than the equivalent commercially grown, or sun farmed varieties.

Funny to come to an arbitrary country to see this drink again. It is as if every time I see it in a random location. I wonder where it will be next time. 

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