A dream that grew from a wasteland

Matrimandir is a place for individual silent concentration. The giant golden ball represent the birth of a new consciousness. The name means ‘Temple of the Mother’ coming from the idea that the evolutionary, conscious and intelligent principle of Life is the Universal Mother which wants to help humanity move beyond its current sense of limitation into a sense of supramental consciousness. 

Matrimandir is the heart of Auroville, a government managed commune. It employs 5 thousand people and it is known for their incense and hand made paper. Originally intended to host 50thousand residents but currently hosting 2.5 thousand. Out of which 5 are Mexican and 47 English residents.

Auroville was chosen around a banyan tree that is more than a hundred years old in the middle of wasteland. Nowadays completely vegetated all around it. Banyan trees are particular because They grow new roots from their branches that help them support itself. 

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