A balancing act?

The ButterBall or Krishna’s Butter Ball is a rock that has been defying gravity for over 1200 years. It is 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock estimated to weigh over 250 tons almost a perfect sphere but not quite. Whilst it is known now (and for the pst 50 years) as Krishna’s Butter Ball, its original name means “Stone of The Sky God” in Tamil: Vaanirai Kal. 

A random story about this “ball” is that in 1908 the Governor of Madras decided that the stone might be dangerous for nearby homes and asked for it to be removed by the help of elephants. An elephant can carry up to 9 tons; to attempt to move the Butter Ball they employed seven elephants. The carrying power of 63 tons and the rock could not be moved so the task was abandoned. 

The rock is situated in a flat surface that is so slippery it becomes the perfect slide for kids during lunch break. Or for a couple of childish tourists…


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