Birds and crocs flock together

The Madras Crocodile Bank was created in 1976 by Romulus Whitaker to “promote the conservation of reptiles and amphibians and their habitats through education, scientific research and captive breeding”. This unique wildlife park was originally created in an attempt to save the Indian Marsh (mugger), gharial and salt-water crocodile species. The efforts made are focused on Indian species but they have several other species. The bank also re-release crocodiles/reptiles back into the wild, almost throughout India.

Crocodiles have the most powerful bite among any reptile on earth – no wonder they are scary creatures! However they are genetically closer to birds than snakes and lizards. Weird but true. Also, crocodiles lay-eggs to reproduce and their eggs are stored in nest-holes (in land) for 60-110 days, before hatching. The temperature of incubation mostly determines the sex of the off-springs.

This park is making huge efforts in research and conservation (it has bred over 5 thousand crocodiles over the years) and even as a tourist destination, definitely a great stop on the way to Chennai. 

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