Transportation with a view

Sometimes winter in Sydney is alright. Weather is great and traveling by ferry means amazing views. It is said that the roots of Sydney Ferries can be traced as back as the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1789. The first ferry service established from the Cove to the farming settlement of Parramatta. The first ferry was know as “The Lump” though officially named Rose Hill Packet. It was crafted by convicts and powered by sails and oars. The trip from Sydney Cove to Parramatta typically took up to one week to complete.

The Sydney Ferries fleet consists of 28 vessels which carry over 14 million passengers each year in and around Sydney. I am one of those passengers.

It was interesting for me to learn that globally, the ferry industry transports approximately 2.1 billion passengers per year. By way of comparison, the commercial airline industry carries 2.3 billion passengers per year. Not much difference, except that the ferry industry also transports 250 million vehicles and 32 million trailers. I wonder how many of those trips are as magnificent as some of the ferry rides in Sydney.

An interesting fact is that the Sydney Ferries became the world’s largest ferry operator shortly after the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened on the 19 March 1932. Unfortunately, the opening of the Harbour Bridge meant that the ferry travel dropped from 30 million passengers a year to 13 million passengers a year.


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