The Cheese rule of thumb

I am a turophile. I love cheese. Lucky I live in Australia where cheese is abundant. In 2014/2015 there were 240,000 tonnes of Cheese sold in Australia. This roughly translates to 12.9 kg of cheese eaten per year per person in this country. I can believe that if I judge by my consumption. 

What is interesting is that the most commonly eaten cheese is cheddar. It has a share of around 50% of the market! It seems a bit incredible that a cheese first made in a caves in a village in England in the 1100s is now Australia’s most popular cheese option. 

Whichever the case that is only a third of the equation. Apparently the recommendation for a cheese platter is: one soft cheese (like brie), one hard cheese, (like cheddar), and one strong cheese. With some accompaniment: something crunchy, something sweet and something tangy. 

Exploring to be done around this country for the best cheese platter… Starting here with this man preparing a platter for us. 

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