Bastardising innecessarily 

A few days ago, I got roped into taking some new people at work out for lunch. We went around the corner to a place which is generally good. My pleasant surprise was that they had buffalo chicken wings in the menu. The unpleasant surprise is that it wasn’t real buffalo chicken wings. 

Buffalo chicken wings were first created in Buffalo, NY, USA. Legend says that Teressa Bellisimo created them due to a wrong shipment of chicken. Whatever the reason she created a dish that consisted of deep fried chicken wings covered in butter and hot sauce; celery and blue cheese on the side (apparently to cut the heat). This is what I think of when I look for Buffalo chicken wings, not this weird coated chicken wings with spicy barbecue sauce (barf). 

Anyhow, on a positive note, here are is a random fact about buffalo chicken wings; just because.

“In January 2015, at Wing Bowl 23 in Philadelphia she ate 440 chicken wings, a new women’s record (Molly Schuyler), in 26 minutes, but was beaten by Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti, who ate a record 444. In March 2015, she set a world record”. 

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