Real Wasabi

We found out about Masaaki’s sushi from a (sort of) Norwegian visitor. Apparently the small sushi shop had featured in a magazine or some sort of documentary. I must admit that finding gourmet sushi in the midst of rural Australia was a real surprise. Especially as it is the only sushi place in the Huon valley. The restaurant only open Fridays and Saturdays and they have a stall in the market on Sunday. We were lucky. Timing worked, and we got a booking! You might wonder why is it a big deal but they only have 4 tables! The lunch rush begins when Masaaki’s opens his doors at 11.30am and finishes when sushi is sold out. 
Additionally to having magnificent sushi, we learnt about wasabi. It is made from a plant from the horseradish family. Fresh Tasmanian wasabi or Japanese horseradish is served at Masaaki’s. Apparently in some restaurants they substitute real wasabi for horseradish with green food coloring. 
And why is it here, in a tumbledown town in the south of Tasmania – literally in the end of the world?! It is a love story. Masaaki met Lucy in Japan, where she was teaching English. The sushi chef was one of her students. So he packed his bags, moved to the Southern hemisphere, embraced country life and makes sushi. 

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