Tall people – beware!

This seems like any other beach but it is not. It is the beach at The Neck in Bruny island. Where North and South Bruny join there is a narrow isthmus of land known as The Neck. Here penguins and shearwater birds share the hill to nest in their burrows in late summer after a massive migration from the northern hemisphere. This migration is a journey of about 15 000 kilometres in each direction annually. They have been known to fly this remarkable distance in six weeks. 

Mutton birds, Yolla to people of aboriginal heritage, are truly impressive oceanic fliers. However, if what we were told is truth, as impressive fliers as they are, shearwater birds are not very good at landing. Often these birds will miscalculate their landing and do a less than graceful decent to land and knock themselves semi-unconscious. Sometimes, with their miscalculations, they might even hit tall people wandering around. Good thing I’m small!

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