A whimsical place

Tasmazia is basically a giant maze with seven other mazes within it. It is said that Tasmazia is the result of “relentless ingenuity, craftsmanship and humour to overcome adversity and achieve the creator’s dream”. Brian Inder wanted a maze so he built one. Or eight. 

Tasmazia’s Great Maze (one of the world’s largest botanical mazes) was planted in 1985 and it has taken years to grow to its current adult head-height. The other mazes are the Hampton Court Maze, the Yellow Brick Road Maze, the Hexagonal Maze, the Cage, the Irish maze, the Confusion Maze and the Balance Maze. Half of the mazes are the traditional hedge formation; the other half, as their names suggest, include a balance wall and a yellow brick road. An interesting fact about the Hampton Court Maze is that It is a replica of the design of the original maze at the Palace with the same name in the UK. The maze retains all the salient points of the original and is exact to the last metre (1km).

Additionally to the mazes, this place is also the home of The Village of Lower Crackpot which was created, as well, by Brian Inder. The village are tiny buildings, built to a scale of one-fifth normal size. 

The newest section are the Embassy Gardens which are next to the Lavender Field. This area contains sixty buildings and icons dedicated to over 40 countries. 
Everything in this place is made with a dry sense of humor. It is definitely a quirky and sometimes politically incorrect venue to revive your inner child and reminiscence in your travels around the world as you see some iconic buildings in miniature. 

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