Dinosaurs that eat people

The estuarine crocodile are known as ‘salties’ but who knows why as they are found in both fresh and salt water around Australia. Unlike the freshwater crocodile which are pescetarian and shy, salties are aggressive. 

Estuarine crocodiles can be found in pretty much any area of water up here; they can completely submerge in 30cm depth of water and thus sneak up on prey easily. Though with the strength of their tail, estuarine crocodiles can jump up and raise all of their bodies out of the water from when they are 7 days old. 

The only place in Australia where you can see the acrobatic prowess of crocodiles when they jump for a feast, or in this case, a piece of meat, is in the Adelaide river. Don’t stick your arm out or the crocs might think it is their morning tea!

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