Doctors with wings

Most of Australia’s population lives in the coastline. In fact 85% of us. The rest live in the outback, or as Aussies say, out in woop woop or back o bourke. In such a big country, that means that 275,000 people would have limited access to emergency and any kind of health care service. However, John Flynn had a dream that took flight, literally. To provide heathcare access to those remote areas of Australia. Operating since 1928, the service started as an experiment to provide medical aid to those in rural areas through radio consultation. An Australian military Pilot then suggested the use of airplanes to provide transport to practitioners to rural Australia, patients to the closest cities for treatment and continue with the radio consultation. 
In 1953 the Queen, Elizabeth II, recognised the noble service of the Flying Doctor Service and thus allowed them the title of Royal. The service has grown and become such that now it also serves as transport for patients even in between major cities in the country. 

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