Bendy roads

Sarcasm is a form of mockery I have been acquiring in the past few years from an English aquaintance. Saying that roads in Western Australia are bendy is definitely one of the ocassions when Im being sarcastic. Roads are long and straight. 

In the WA roadtrip, we left days free for us to stay or go as we go. A good decision in hindsight. After a big day out at sea fishing, we decided against driving at night and instead have an epic and decadent dinner in Kalbarri. That meant an 800km drive for a day. 

With kangaroos, wallabies and emus crossing the roads with no warning, mostly during dawn and dusk, it meant leaving before sunrise to make sure we made it without driving at night. 800km went fast but we did some random stops, like in this random cafe that had some lego that a few 8 year-olds and 40 year-olds I know would love to get their hands on!

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