A lifetime encounter

Swimming with the biggest fish in the ocean is really an experience of a lifetime. Whale sharks grow up to 12 meters, though we swam with an adolescense male of half that size. Whale sharks live up to 100 years.  

Its blue spots are truly amazing and the pattern of the spots below its fin are its fingerprint, unique to each shark. It is this spot that tour photographers have to capture to keep their license and to help with scientific research. It is incredible how the colours of these giants blend in the blue of the ocean so much you only really realise they are there a few meters from you. 

Whale sharks are only called whales because of their size and being filter feeders of plankton. They are still sharks with a tail that moves side to side as it swims. In theory slow movers but as you snorkel trying to keep up next to the whale sharks you realise how powerful their tails actually are. Scuba diving with the largest fish is actually not permitted as it disorientates them. 

Whale sharks visit Ningaloo reef around the same time every year as part of their yearly migration around the Pacific in search of food. A journey of around 12,000km, one of the greatest migrations on the planet.

A full on, exciting experience that makes you forget everything else as you swim with the whale sharks. Truly an experience worth having. 

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