Where the range meets the reef

The only water available all year around in the Cape Range National Park is Yardie Creek. It is a layer of fresh water over salt water. 
The National Park is a world heritage place because of its diversity and it is where the Range meets the (Ningaloo) Reef. In this National Park the main attraction is the second biggest reef in Australia, Ningaloo. However, there are other things to do and enjoy like walks across gorges and creeks. In these walks, you can observe the rocks which are 11 million years old. 

You can also enjoy the wildlife, which include the endangered black-footed rock wallaby. This marsupial is on the brink of extinction due to introduced pests like the feral goats and foxes. But slowly scientists and the Aussie government are re-introducing these wallabies into the wild while eradicating the pests. 

There is hope for this little hopper.

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