Lob not love

The greatest food of them all is a tortilla wrapped or rolled around a filling. Tacos predate the European invasion and were really invented by indigenous though they were not called “tacos” back then. In those days, between 1,000 and 500 B.C., tacos were really just a kind of edible spoon: using a tortilla to scoop a filling. It is thought that as corn was seen as a religious symbol by indigenous, it was incorporated into their cuisine to honor the gods. Hence making its appearance in tacos. There are also records that Hernan Cortez back in 1500s referred to the tortilla in one of his reports back to Spain. The word tortilla comes from the Nahuatl “tlaxcalli” and Hernan described it as a “corn flat bread sold in local markets”.

So now that we have history sorted, let us get one fact straight: real tacos come from a stand not from a sit-down restaurant. And it is always better to have a recommendation from a local. Like this place, commonly known as “tacos Lob” because they are outside the Mexican clothing chain “LOB”.

Thus, as you enter Mexican lands that is the one thing you must do – direct yourself to the best nearest taco stand. Who knows maybe you get to try a new filling – like tongue or lip!

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