Not all is lost

These old circular structures are called the “guachimontones”. Its name is said comes from the abundance of the tree of guaxi in the area.

These are not the only circular ruins in Mexico; however, the distinctiveness of this archeological site is that around these structures there are also a circular plaza for ceremonies and circular platforms for people of highbirth to watch ceremonies. Since before the conquest Mexico already knew class differences.

The guachimontones is a relatively new site, only discovered in the 1970s. It is the only evidence of the Teuchitlan culture.

Where this picture is taken has two incredible stories.

The first: nowadays it is merely a pile of rocks. It used to be a round temple like the other one but corruption got the history of our country. First, people thought the guachimontones were graves so they dug a hole through it making the structure collapse and not find any bones beneath. Afterwards, construction companies got a hold of the knowledge that rock was already piled up and sent for trucks to take to the “big” city of Guadalajara to build modern housing. A shame and a sad story.

The second story is that the indigenous from that time were so knowledgeable that from where we stood we could talk in normal voice and the structures and echos would mean that someone standing 500 metres away could hear clearly.

But not all our history and hope is lost in our country. Efforts to preserve this site are being made. Also, efforts to preserve the ancient ball game which is still played as exhibitions and in some cases, a small league, around the country.

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