Just before last orders

In under fifty years, Margaret River has started and grown its reputation as the home of some of the finest wine in Australia. It is no wonder as it is backed up by scientific research and evidence, Professor Olmo in 1955, and later in mid-1960s, Dr. John Gladstones claimed the far south-west corner of Western Australia as prime for growing high quality grapes.

This region, in the end of the world, jarrah and marri forests thrive and give way to vineyards that border some of the most stunning beaches of the world – famous for big surf. In half a century, Margaret River has grown to have more than 200 cellar doors, and to produce around 20% of Australia’s premium wines. It is a must-see area for wine drinkers. We, as a few of the 500,000 visitors to the area each year, tried hard to make a dent in the production of this fine beverage. I think it is unlikely we did.

After a long flight across the country and a few hours drive, it felt like Christmas day walking into a winery where two lovely women were happy to show us all the range of fermented grapes they had to offer. And just before closing! Win!

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