Over and under

The Busselton jetty is the longest wooden pylon jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. The jetty is constructed by massive pylons that are 150 years old. It is 1,841 metres (over a mile!) long and extends off out into Geographe Bay.

Construction of the jetty started in 1864 with an original length of 158m. Back then it was known as Vasse Jetty and it was the result of the boom for the local timber industry. Over the years, it was extended up to its current length in 1960. Commercial boats would load timber using the jetty as the bay is too shallow. The jetty was closed to commercial shipping in July 1972.

The jetty is home to over 300 marine species. In 2003, an observatory that descends to 8 metres (26’) under sea level was opened; without having to enter the water, tourists can enjoy the underwater views, see myriads of fish and divers, and learn about the jetty and the observatory itself. Regardless of the observatory, this is a great diving experience. As our guide described it, cuttle fish galore and swimming colour changing octopus! This site is often considered one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites and not being deep you get to enjoy it for a long time.

Photo taken by our DM from the DiveShed

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