What would you call this building?

This building was added in 2003 to the Barcelona skyline. The tower’s name is Torre Agbar, Agbar being a made up word from the towers original owners: Aguas de Barcelona.

It is said that its architect Jean Nouvel was inspired by Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and the Montserrat mountain in Barcelona. Might have designed it as a geyser rising into the air but the truth is that people see the tower and relates it to more common objects and has been named the suppository, the shell, the cock, the bullet, the cucumber and many more.

At 144 metres tall it is the third tallest building in the city and provides an imposing observation deck over the new Barcelona though it is not open to the public. It has a glass surface in which the colours of the Mediterranean (and many more) are reflected at night thanks to the 4,500 illuminated glass panels that serve as windows.

The tower has won prices for being a green building, one that harnesses solar power and groundwater to reduce energy consumption.

The tower has 32 floors, of which 28 can be used as office spaces. It is still unclear to me what the building is actually used for as the debate for a hotel license has taken years. It is true though that it is a good reference point and a spectacle by night.

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