Mostly white

Veracruz was one of the first municipality to be established after the Spanish conquest. As with all of Mexico, its customs are rooted in the intermarrying of cultures: the Spanish, the African culture, the “half bloods” and the indigenous. Specifically in Veracruz, there is the additional mix of Caribbean influence due to the marine commerce during the Colonization; especially in the music.

To the mix of instruments and tunes, nowadays, traditional dancing is performed using an outfit that for women is inspired in the union of three “huastecas”: potosina, tamaulipeca and veracruzana; and for men, wearing the typical “guayabera”. The outfit is easily identified as from Veracruz for the dominance of the colour white.

It is not uncommon to see performers in restaurants often dancing “zapateado” and making bows with their feet during the spectacle.

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