About me:

A Mexican chaos monkey, professional egg cracker, question machine, adrenaline junkie. I love my runs and my food. I do random and a lot of things, sometimes so many that you might wonder if there is really only one of me… Is there?

About this blog:

I randomly take pictures of my endeavours during the days of my new adventures, mainly to communicate with you but also for you to learn more about me and the way I see life. I write as much or as little as I feel about the pictures or situations. The rest is for you to interpret, fill in the gaps, ask questions or just leave it to the imagination.

Sometimes, because I settle in a routine, I have no new pictures that catch my eye. In those days, look out for something I learnt that day, or a quote that I come across during the day that strongly describes how I feel. 

Whatever the post, always know, that it is for you that I do this.

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