Finally, I see the sea

I finally put my running shoes on and strolled to see the sea. I learnt that beaches in Barcelona have names and each is under a kilometer long. So this is a patch of a handful of beaches that extends the East of Barcelona. Two of the beaches I ran past are Playa de la Mar Bella and Playa Llevantes.

Playa de la Mar Bella is a popular beach that was created in 1992 when Barcelona invested money for the Olympic games. It is meant to be one of the two nudist beaches in Barcelona but either I was too focused in my running or the unofficial divide of this beach into zones means that there isn’t that many people roaming around in their nakedness. Playa de Llevantes is Barcelona’s easternmost beach. These 800 meters of beach opened in 2006 and since 2016 allows dogs to roam the beach freely.