Lumps in the land

You wouldn’t even know that just a short drive north from Brisbane 11 gorgeous peaks of the Glass House Mountains can be found in the hinterland. They are the remains of volcanic activity that occurred about 25-27 million years ago. When the volcanic mountains cooled down, stunning vertical columns emerged in the middle of a landscape of eucalyptus trees and pineapple plantations. However, there is another story explaining the origins of the mountains.

It is believed that the Glass House Mountains area is a special ceremonial site where many Aboriginal people, the Gubbi Gubbi people, gathered for ceremonies and trading. Though the aboriginal people do not talk about which ceremonies or rituals are practiced in the area.

How they got their European name is that Captain Cook was reminded of glass furnaces from the north of England.

Museums to explore

Exploring the life and history of Brisbnae, there is supposedly an exhibition in the Museum of Brisbane in Brisbane City Hall. I say supposedly because although I took time to admire this building I never really went in the 12 months i was up and down to sunny Brissey. 

Though I would much rather visit somewhere new, maybe I do return some time and then visit the museum. Maybe… 


Ironic, isn’t it?

Sometimes with a vivid imagination like mine I see places like this and Im able to see time passing. Men chained to one another and in unimaginable conditions building for those who have robbed them from everything, including their hope. For the site to be used as military barracks and officers quarters to command and control those same men, the builders, that committed a crime in a far away land. I wonder how many of those would be convicted and found guilty by today’s laws…

Fast forward to its completion in 1889 and it is for militar personel no longer. This beautiful building that was built with blood and pain changed its use to be for the government: Queensland Premier, Treasury department and other state government offices.

Then in 1995 this building built by convicts, listed as heritage for Brisbane, became a Casino… Isnt it ironic?


Hot and sour soup

In a little tucked away place you can find Tom Yum or Tom Yam soup – literally hot and spicy and sour salad. This Lao and Thai soup is from south east Asia – Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. I have only tried the Tom Yum Kai (or Gai) which is the chicken version. Though the veggie and prawn versions are in the next to try! But as with all food is concerned, is always best when shared with great company.

And I must admit it reminded me of the Singaporean hawker centres I so miss…

Hidden away

Moving around as a consultant means trying new cafes. It also means exploring for pleasurable endeavours. On top of a fancy restaurant, this bar is hidden. With cocktails and wine, beer and spirits. And in the heart of Brisbane CBD. Definitely worth a visit after work one evening…. 


Exploring the surroundings

Working in the city of Brisbane means I am constantly on a mission to find good coffee. I have already found a couple of places but the exploration continues. Especially when there are things out of my routine. I found Marchetti cafe in one of those mornings when I was getting things done bright and early. A bit random and tucked away in an archade but good and strong coffee in my morning. 

It never gets boring

The life of the consultant… Flying up, down and around. Every week. It is exciting and novelty for the first few months but after a year it is tiring. Very much so. But some things about this life as a nomad have its perks. Especially being woken up by the sun and this view…

It definitelly never gets boring…

Only in Australia

I took this picture a few days ago in my morning run. It made me think of all the things Australia does for its taxpayers. Only in this country would a beach be built alongside the river.