The suburb, not the country

Just an hour north of Sydney, is a quirky island with 650 residents, a prime destination for those of us who seek random stays for our weekends.

Scotland island, since 1974 runs an annual dog race in Christmas Eve, in which dogs must swim the 450 meters that separate Scotland island from Church Point. The entry is a longneck and a tin of dog food still to this day.

This little island is approximately 1 km in diameter and has around 350 houses in the perimeter foreshore, all of which have the right to roam in their decks to walk the 2.5-kilometre circumference of the island. Though be prepared to have to climb over any number of random obstacles.

Bonus day at the beach

Sometimes ideas get formed on a beach. Sometimes those ideas involve beaches. And sometimes investigating those beach ideas end up at a beach on a day you normally would be sitting in an office. It is always better to take those opportunities; especially when you end up being able to swim on a 30 degree day on an empty beach.

Post by Richard

Hard but… rewarding?

Bouddi National Park is a national park that is home to some very pretty and unique bush and coastal walks. The park was established in 1967 as a National Park; and named after the local Aboriginal name of the area: Bouddi.

One of the walks in the park is the Bouddi coastal walk. An 8km walk full of quiet beaches, lookout points, boardwalks and panoramic ocean views. Though what other sites fail to say is: a hard and very hilly walk. You will find yourself up and down a steep hill before you finish the previous one. Especially challenging if you don’t carry enough water on a hot summers day. Or after a long night of beers and fighting with sound systems.

However, the strenous work is alleviated by Maitland Beach. A hidden gem you can only get there by walking through the bush. And the ups and downs. And it’s worth it.

Maitland Beach is in Maitland Bay which was named after the paddle steamer SS Maitland that was wrecked on the submerged reef off Bouddi Head in 1898. Apparently, the remains of the boiler still sit on the eastern rock platform. But I cannot confirm nor deny that. I can, however, confirm that this beach was well worth the arduous exercise.

What is in there?

Rock pools, sun, the beach, walk through the beach…. What more could we ask for?

Little beach is really a unique place. I learnt there that in the world of the snails there are actually the lions and the zebras – this because one eats lots of the others by drilling a hole through the shell and eating them!

A weekend away and so much learnings, in every possible way. So what more could I ask for? How about a few octopuses* in these tide pools!

*Funny story: I actually had to google the plural of octopus which apparently is not octopi (which is “often objectable”)… 

In a random beach in the central coast…

Caffeine is a guilty pleasure every morning and learning that the possibility of deprivation is a saddening event. But this is Australia and coffee is pretty much everywhere. A stoll to the Macmasters beach, headspace, time alone and coffee is pretty much what you need to start a weekend with kids around you. Especially when life generally is child-free. You mught even take a bit of time to take in the view and get yourself together for what is to come…