I like fruit

Is always fun to go to new places and try the local and somewhat exotic fruits. Is equally nice to return to places and have those fruits again that are not available for us all year around. And having options is always a good thing. Having many options even more so.


Truck drivers always knows best

In popular Mexican wisdom, restaurants where truck drivers frequent are tasty and value for money. Such is the case of La Cruz del Llano, a simple and modest place outside Tuxtla. The 30 minute drive out of the city is well worth it to arrive at a place that only serves around 5 different dishes, including lengua and pollo en mole.


If you were an animal, which one would you be?

The third biggest of the felines in the world, the jaguar lives mainly in central and south America. Although it looks more like a leopard (but it is more “stocky”), it behaves more like a tiger and also likes swimming. Jaguars method of killing its prey is unusual: it fatally bites the defenseless prey directly through the skull in between the ears.
How could anyone not want to be a jaguar if they were an animal?


Emblem of Chiapas

Just a 20 minute car ride out of the capital of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez, is a natural canyon called Cañon del Sumidero. At its highest it is 1000 meters high above the water level and 100 meters deep below water. The views are amazing in the 2 hour boat ride and as long as you are a responsible tourist, they let you bring beers on board – which can lead to complicated situations if you have too much liquids.


Fun with sticks

There is debate whether piñatas were invented in the Americas or China. For us Mexicans, we don’t mind giving the credit to Chinese but it is true that the real piñata experience is not lived anywhere else as in Mexico.
Everyone had seen a piñata, but not many have experienced the real deal. Part of the reason is because piñatas are normally seen in birthday and christmas parties and are rare in other occasions. But once in a while they can be seen in other celebrations.
Big or small, young or old, piñatas are always a good way to gather friends and family. Stand around, sing along and have fun with sticks!


A magical place

San Cristobal was founded by Diego de Mazariegos in 1528. The city was relatively isolated until the 1970s. A colonial city where you can observe the cultural heritage of tzotziles, tzeltales and lacandones. Walk around the pedestrian roads and have pox or mezcal and just enjoy being absent of reality and with no sense of time.


Land of bats

In the highlands of Chiapas, there is a population where 98% of its people is from Tzotzil Mayan origin: Zinacantan. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “land of bats”.
Hidden away from the public, in the backyards of their homes, women hand weave shawls, tablecloths, skirts still using an old technique called telar de cintura.


Embrace your inner child

And slide down a 30 meters concrete slide just outside the caves Rutas de Rancho Nuevo near San Cristobal de las Casas.
After a few trials and much practice, the best technique is to sit on a squashed plastic bottle and placing the heels of the feet on another. This will help you speed to such a velocity that will make you finish flying into a big pile of sawdust just so you can stop.


Surprising sights

Its always nice to visit a place that you are surprised by how nice it is. With around 140,000 people, Comitan is the fourth largest city in Chiapas. It is a city with a beautiful square and narrow streets filled with colonial buildings. During the evenings you can find all sorts of snacks in the square. And in the mornings those stands are replaced by women selling chalupas, empanadas, tamales for breakfast.