In WA not Europe

With so much to do around the area, Denmark is a popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and tall forests and a small town which is home to 5,000 people. The Denmark region is known to the aboriginal community as ‘Koorabup’ meaning ‘place of the Black Swan’. The Bibbulmum Track, one of the world’s great long distance walking trails, crosses the town. This walk is nearly 1000km. Other walking, or running, tracks are just as spectacular, if not as long.

Zero point

In the middle of the city of Copenhagen there is a place where you can see the whole city from a rooftop. Inside the construction there is a 25 meter drop exactly at the point zero of the country. There was a point in time when they wanted to measure the whole of Denmark as all maps where not accurate enough; so they chose this zero point to base their measurements from. 

There is also a tale about a boy who fell through a gap and dropped the whole 25 meters down only losing a few teeth in the process.

Standing in the middle of a glass platform of this drop was definitely something. 


Get your cycling on

Part of a great holiday experience should involve cycling and walking. There is something about being able to go about a city cheaply; not to mention being able to get some blood going through the body whilst taking in the new culture. But never had I seen anywhere so prepared for its citizens to ditch the motors completely! With its own lanes and traffic lights, pedaling along this magnificent city it is safe and easy to go and have a smørrebrød, medicine and beer for lunch or brunch with the locals.