Decadent brunch

Roadtripping in Australia has to include a stop in a winery, or two or three. Not only because the wines in Australia are great but also because wineries make great spots to have a rest  and a decadent brunch while taking in the beauties of the world around us. With the pinot noir and sparkling wine being some of their most famous wines, Tasmania is easily amongst the top wine regions of Australia and the world since the 1800s. 


Hobart in the distance

From the top of Mt Wellington, at 1271 meters, Australia’s second oldest capital (after Sydney) can be seen in the distance. Well, when the sky is clear and sunny. It began as a penal colony in the beginning of the 1800s as the king did not want to stay in the same land as convicts.An interesting fact about the port of Hobart is that from there the next stop is Antartica!