For the achievement or the view?

Rated one of the ten best mountains to hike in Australia , Mt. Gower is the highest mountain on the island. Standing 875mts tall, the walk takes 8 hours and will make you wonder why the hell did you do it in the first place. But you get to the top and this great sense of achievement greets you (and again when you reach the bottom); or is it the stunning view of the whole island that lays in front of you, at your feet? In either case an interesting fact is that some say the distance is 14kms others say is 10kms, but the truth is, no one knows for sure…


How can you not?

There is always time for a date. How can you not make time for one in a setting like this one? To take a moment, have a drink, enjoy the decadent life style and each others company, look into each others eyes and watch the sunset. Or…

Alternatively, what an easier setting to pretend you’re listening and let the words float in the background while you take in the sights.

Regardless, make time for a date. Even if it is a date for one. 

Honesty system

The most efficient system in LHI is the honesty boxes. Having only 360 inhabitants and 400 guests at a time it is easy to maintain an easy and trusting feel to the island. Rock up to see Ned the shark in Ned’s beach, put the money in the box and enjoy a sun umbrella, snorkels, beach chairs. Or just enjoy the goodness and freeing feeling of trust.


In the Tasman sea

An irregular volcanic remnant, LHI has walks and mountains throughout. From one corner of the island, standing in Mt Eliza at 147mts you can view the highest peak of the island. And then, after a walk in the heat, have a swim and pet a turtle.


A hard life

In a place where barbecues are out in the fresh air, stocked daily with wood for cooking and making it just in time to buy juicy, fresh barramundi filets, you don’t really need to spend your time in restaurants. Sunset, bbq, remote island, holidays, significant other… Such a hard life! And when things just work out for you, you just want to jump up and down and yell “Im sooo lucky”.