Secrets from the past

Only a few get to know secrets from the past. Sometimes things you rather not discovered, sometimes happy about them and sometimes they are just secrets that are part of who you are – regardless of how you feel about them. So what do you do with them? Especially when you don’t fully know what you feel for those secrets of the past, a past that belonged to someone else but made who you are.


Mexican “Barbie”

A Mexican barbecue must include aside from large amounts of meat, quesadillas, grilled onions, plenty of lime, salsa, guacamole, chillies. Then it is actually a true carne asada.


Not to be confused…

Dinner tacos, very different from breakfast tacos, have different presentations but are in essence the same. Deliciousness in a tortilla with available salsas, lime and coriander to put inside as one pleases. So good, I could consume a great amount of them, especially when the tortilla is corn based and echada a mano.


In the heat

In this heat, this humidity, only crazy people go running in the afternoon when surely you will sweat like a cow. And those crazy people include me. Reach the beach and enjoy the view whilst I almost puke of the effort. You are in Mexico, easy to know by the beach umbrellas, the green mountain and the homeless dog.