Crossing the Yarra

The Sandridge Bridge, which used to be part of the first Australian railway, was built in 1888 and is now part of an $18.5 million development. The project included the Queensbridge precint, a plaza on the south bank and a youth precinct on the north bank of the Yarra. The project finished in 200) and was funded by the government.

Part of the development are The Travellers, a series of 10 giant (7.5 meters tall) steel sculptures across the Yarra, representing the different periods of immigration who have journeyed to make Melbourne their home. Nine of the ten sculptures represent the immigration that ranges from the convict and gold rush periods through to the refugee and professional newcomers of today; the last sculpture represents Australian Aboriginal communities. Although, the heaviest figure is 7701kg, the average weight is more like 2307.

With so many pedestrian bridges around my Victorian home, I hardly walk these 178.4 meters. But this particular morning I did, and this is the view from the old railway path.


Gansos in my coffee?!

A good cup of coffee is as good as warm hugs. It is the greatest beginning for new day ahead (again, comparable to warm hugs), or as an encouragement to plow through a hard day.  Of course there is the eternal fight if Melbourne or Sydney’s coffee is best. I really don’t know and could care less. Though they say that Victoria is the most addicted to coffee state here down-under downing an average 808 cups a year and forking out $1674 annually at cafes.

Regardless of numbers, nowadays coffee shops south of the border specialize in latte art which is a difficult task in itself and requires skill to mix crema (the foam of the coffee) and the foam of milk. Some say it influences the taste, but unless you do a blind fold experiment you will never know the answer. 

With or without art, a good cup of coffee can only ever lose to a warm tight hug to start a day.  


On Fire

Who has never had a flaming drink? It does have a dramatic flair and some say it also changes the flavour of the beverage as it lowers the liquid content of the drink, condensing the flavours to make the beverage taste richer and deeper. The fire however, actually burns off some of the alcohol. Any alcoholic beverage with 40% or more alcohol will ignite, though those of 50% or more produce a steady flame.A good random fact about drinks on fire: the first written evidence of these drinks was published in 1862 in a bartender’s manual by Jerry Thomas and it contained the recipe of the Blue Blazer – the first flaming cocktail. 


Something about the river

And so it begins again. New client, new coffee places, new project, new team, new home… Yet again, I get to go to sleep and wake up with a view of the river…. 

Hello Melbourne! We shall see what adventures you bring…


Where is it again?

The eternal debate whether coffee in Sydney is better or in Melbourne. I really don’t have a strong opinion but wherever I go I do enjoy the nice little cafes. But I do like those hidden away in the streets of Melbourne…


An interesting dilemma

I love scuba diving. The calm underwater with the amazing creatures to be seen. And every time I see a fish I get a rush of excitement. But then going to a restaurant and having a freshly fished octopus… Mmm deliciousness to my belly. So an interesting dilemma indeed.


When in Melbourne

In a city where good places hide in alley ways and rooftops, is always a mission to find them. But once you do, is like you found a hidden treasure that must be visited often.
An interesting story about this particular place is that The Hardware Societe was closed for a few months due to a fire in a neighboring business.
Oh and they have awesome baked eggs and great coffee.


Last flight

At least in 2013.

So I have been a bit slack with my posts so I will try to catch up.
Here is the evidence of my last flight on 2013.

I must confess, I really like being greeted at the other end of a flight…

Australian penguins?


We ventured to see the Australian penguins. They come to an island in the south of Melbourne called Phillip Island. I have to admit the place is amazing. This particular spot is where the seals live, close to their dinner…

20131229-120008.jpg Australia is pretty great in most things but I was pretty disappointed that they have made a “show” out of the viewing of the penguins. You must buy tickets to sit in a theater like setting and watch the penguins come up to shore. Erm… Wtf?!?! It is rather shocking that South Africa has a better set up to view these amazing creatures.

Melbourne city

missed this entry two days ago

This country has some really great cities. Sure there is the debate where is the coffee better but as a whole, a great place to be in…