Templo de la Luna

In Tenochtitlan there are three main temples:
Templo del Sol, which was built to honour Tlaloc the god of the rain.
Templo de Quetzalcoatl or feathered snake, which was the good God of the teotihuacans.
And Templo de la Luna, which honours fertility.

The view standing only halfway up the temple of the moon overlooks Calzada de los Muertos and the Sun Temple. The other half is closed as the temple is splitting open.
It is said that when the secrets of the Templo de la Luna are discovered, the truth of Tenochtitlan will be known.

Esta es mi bandera

This is my flag. I have recently heard an English theory about the meaning of its colours. So contrary to being guacamole for the green, sour cream for the white and salsa for the red, their true meaning changed after president Benito Juarez lead the country to:
– Green: for the hope
– White: for the unity
– Red: for the blood spilled by our people in their efforts to make this an independent and democratic country.
– And in the middle an eagle standing on a cactus eating a serpent in an islet in the lake of Texcoco: for the legend that says the Mexicas established their empire Tenochtitlan where they found this message from their god Tenoch.
Below the nopal (cactus plant) a twig of laurel and one of oak.