Big paws and big teeth

Just a short drive from Narvik, the Gateway to the North, there is a park with generous-sized enclosures for a range of Arctic animals: bears, wolves, lynx, deer and elk: the Polar Park. An ideal place for all to learn about the native species, including of Norway’s only wild cat.

Four different types of medium cats are given the name of Lynx. Their coats of fur vary in colour according to their climate range. This Eurasian (or Siberian) lynx lives in Northern regions so their coats are thicker and lighter in colour (for camouflage). The Eurasian lynx has wide, harelike paws to help them skim through deep snow without sinking in: a handy characteristic this far up North the world.

The town that iron ore built

In Northern Norway there is a city which was built just over a century ago for the export of iron ore from Sweden, Narvik. The port is ice free all year round unlike ones in Sweden. This industry and the city’s location were reason enough for this place to be badly bombed in the Second World War. The effects on the city architecture are more brick and concrete, with fewer traditional wooden buildings in the city centre.

Being at the base of mountains and fjords allows Narvik to have a cable car, the Narvikfjellet, which offers a spectacular ride with views of the scenery, Ofotfjord and the city. Plus a place to have waffles and hot chocolate at the top.