As they say, it is better to have friends than money – and definitely true in this experience of navigating our way up the T√łnsberg fjord to deliver a jetski. And surprises all along. Meeting one of the 500 policemen of Vestfold was definitely a great way to finish the very first Norwegian tour by me.  


It is all about the energy

As litte as it might seem, this little town has so many random things combined that make it worth a visit. 

In this place is the first cable car of its kind of all Northern Europe. Built in 1928 and to provide the citizens with some sunlight as there is not enough that reaches the valley where it is located. 

Another random story is that as it is squeezed between two mountains and a river, and Rjukan hardly ever gets any sun, the community decided to build giant mirrors to reflect some vitamin D in its population. 

Last but not least, there is a hydroelectricity plant in this town. It is said that it produces heavy water which is conducive to create atomic bombs. Due to this, there has been squabbles and attraction to gain control over it. The legend says that off they went 6 brave Norwegians to destroy the plant as it had fallen into the control of the Nazis. They came through the ravine as it was the least place from where the Germans would expect them. The damage was enough to delay the atomic bomb creation but not enough to completely avoid it. What happened to them? They escaped also through the ravine because it was where the Germans would have least expected them to.  


Something beginning with ‘F’

With a proper troll bridge and a path to climb up next to this big foss, it will matter not how many waterfalls you have gone past. L√•tefossen is definitely one to stop and take in. Once you go towards the path next to it, another waterfall will come into view. A really incredible sight of Norway. 


Mountains as far as the eye can see

A full life has to always have firsts: first time in Norway, first real sunny day in this area for the summer, first time in a helicopter. Like many other things in this world, no picture and no story prepares you for the sights of the mountains all around from high up in the Nordic skies. From 7000 feet up above this is a Norwegian glacier…  


In summer!

Sometimes in the mountains of Norway it snows through all seasons. So no matter when you come it is most certain that the snow will still be stacked up as tall as me (or you) in places and we could have snow fights, drink water from the purest lakes and behave like a child again. For a lizard like me, is am adventure of coming to winter without being too cold. 


Roof garden

Im always amazed on how warm wooden cabins are. I think about the cold winters and it is just bizarre to enter this little houses that look like hair is growing out of their roofs. It is actually for insulation. Or so I heard. 

The other interesting bit is being in this expensive country finding accommodation is easy if you travel like a local. Find these little huts all over the country which are affordable and very well set up.  Plus you are pretty much guaranteed a view. And in summer a 21 hour day.