Sneaky treat

There is very little to do in airports and generally there is time. This time through and in between flights I sneaked a treat in nostalgy…

Little buns in a basket

“Soup dumplings” or Xiao Long Bao are small chinese pockets of deliciousness for your mouth. With a small pork meatball, wrapped in a dumpling shell with a broth within. Best eaten hot and recently steamed from a hacker stall on a hot afternoon with a cold beer. With the appropriate side of vinegar and fresh ginger. Beware to not be too anxious or the soup within will scald your tongue. 
Some fascinating and/or random facts about Xiao Long Bao:

  • Although they are called dumplings they are actually buns.
  • The literal meaning of their name is “little basket buns”.
  • The dish comes from Nanxiang, a suburb in Shanghai. 
  • This is a dish which can be pre-made and thus be a popular dish for a hawker centre. How do they keep the soup without it altering the bun? Well the meatball is combined with a gelatin aspic which melts when steamed. 

Xiao Long Bao are a great snack. And snacks are most important. 


Old places new experiences

I called Singapore once. Not so long ago. I as small as it is, its skyline is imprinted in my memory. And it is a good one. It received me well, generously and its weather embraced me Reminding me of the sticky summer days of my childhood. Its food abundant and cheap not really reflective of the hard work and hearts put into it – also like at home. Being back for the first time after leaving this tiny country I used to call home was a bag of mixed emotions. Though doing something familiar in an unfamiliar way was an interesting experience. It made me think of all the different experiences one can have in a single place that sometimes just pass inadvertently. 


Waiting made easy

Some places just got it right. A 2 hour wait between flights made easy with a pond and a butterfly garden. Shame all the flying little creatures were asleep. Now if only there was a yoga and showers place… 


One last affair

With the streets of Singapore. Early morning, sun is rising, streets are full of the busy people chasing their lives. I take an hour and sneak out to have one last look around the city that has seen me run so many times before.


It has been my pleasure Singapore

Today was my last evening in Singapore. Life wanted it that way. I will still be here a couple of mornings but no more evenings. So it was obvious where I was going to head out. I took my roller blades with me and enjoyed a path I had never been to before. And took from across the channel all the grandeur of Singapore’s skyline.


Photo spot

I am down to my last couple of runs around Singapore. The Avalon night club at the base of the Marina Bay Sands (often confused by me for the Louis Vuitton shop further down) has become a preferred location for pictures and even selfies.
I like this place just because it reminds me of a good time. Plus this photo is great (even if I say so myself).


On the other side

Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration in Singapore. And this is what is happening on the floating pitch. The colorful lights visible from all around the bay and also from the sky-park at the top of the Marina Bay Sands.


Prosperity Toss

During Chinese New Year many Singaporeans toss and eat yusheng or prosperity toss, a raw fish salad. This infographic explains the ritual and meaning quite well. The important bit is that everyone tosses the salad with shouts of “Lo Hei”.

The salad is made every night for around two weeks. Sometimes even a couple of times per day as it is something to do with friends and family. Having Singaporeans around in the office and as friends is actually helpful and nice, being able to live these quirky traditions. Plus the salad is very tasty.