By letter only

Long summer evenings allow for time basking in the park and having a picnic. Enjoying a rare bottle of wine in which one must hand write a letter to the owner to get some of his produce. Local sausages and cured meats and cheese from around Europe. This is the reward and the celebration of the end from enduring months of bad management and borderline bullying behaviours.

Decadent luncheon

Three kilometers away from Noosa and its gazillion tourists, Noosaville takes full advantage of its riverfront location with relaxing foreshore and leisurely aquatic pursuits. Running, walking and bike riding are popular activities along the riverside walkways; so is people watching or dining whilst sitting on the public benches. You might even see a boat go adrift. Early mornings you can be woken up by the colourful local and loud rainbow lorikeets with their morning calls.

Noosaville’s location makes it a perfect place to stay away from the crowds. Though it is possible to join them with the ferry service. A river cruise which includes commentary about the local history, wildlife, what to do and the homes along the river. Other more popular destinations are the nice restaurants with stunning river views and degustation menus with matching wines. Indulgence for an Easter Saturday afternoon!


Today’s post is about choices… because selecting one thing, means you might be giving up another or several. 



But what I believe is most important is to choose what is right and what makes us the happiest. Because in the end, it will be the choices that we made that we will see when we look back.

Pop Pop Popped

I have a savory tooth. It is a fact that I love snacks. And for the first time I see microwave pop-corn served in an actual container, in the comfort of my home.

palomitas Plus because it is in my home, I can have them with lime, chili and spicy sauce.

Fat cakes

I was debating what my post should be today. I expressed out loud my concern that most my posts had been about food, to which I got the response: “but you like food”. It is true. I do like my food. So here it is Magwinya – or fat cakes.

These are the African donuts but they are not sweet. In fact they are commonly eaten with pickled mango or even with fries and spicy sauce for breakfast!



A fried sweet(ish) cookie… A sort of biscuit sort of snack. Not completely sweet but leaning more towards that side. Known around Africa by different names. Bought by me at a Nigerian food place.


More snacks. Hmmmm snacks

As you know me, you should know how important snacks are for me. And here in Jo’burg in the weekends markets is a big thing. Markets, shops, food, snacks, biltong! What has become one of my favorite South African snacks!


Puffed not popped

Skopas are a traditional South African snack. The difference to popcorn is that skopas are puffed corn. Just the right amount of sweetness, in fact they are barely just angling towards the sweet side.

Colors are just part of the fun. Definitely a good snack.

And we know that snacks are important. Very much so.

Mmmmm snacks…

Never too old

We are never too old for some things.

It is said that somewhere in Darlinghurst there is the best Gelatto.

deliciousnessDo I really need to say any more?